February 2013… Wow time is Zipping By!!

Two years ago I was a student at ANTHEM COLLEGE getting my hours for certification to be a massage therapist.  I have done intuitive massage for over 20 years, part time as I worked other “real jobs”.  When I got let go at the end of my temporary job in Jan. 2010 I decided to launch my practice, doing what I love, full time.  I love Coaching, Energy Work and Massage.  Well…. I discovered that in order to command the credibility I needed as a massage therapist I needed to go back to school.  So….. I did! 🙂

I finished Massage Therapy training in March 2011 and launched my practice by leasing a space in Keystone Chiropractic in Spring Park, MN.

Now almost 2 years later….. how is it going?? Check back here soon as I write more details of the journey to re-invent myself at 60 years young!!!!

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Happy Holidays!!

We are doing amazing at Senior Massage Therapy.  I have been working hard to spread the good news about massage therapy to as many Communities as possible.   Over the last couple of months we have had a Residential Care Facility and 4 larger communities invite us to bring massage to their residents and staff.  I will be listing some of these communities soon.

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Exciting developments with Changemaker, Inc.

The “Senior Massage Therapy” division of Changemaker is growing nicely.  At the rate that I am adding Senior Complexes I will be able to put some of my fellow massage therapists to work soon!.

Currently we have permenent therapy rooms set up in The Colony of Eden Prairie and in Lake Minnetonka Shores.  I am very excited about how well Senior Massage Therapy is growing.  We are working in a half dozen residential care facilities once per month and in Freedom Pointe in Minnetonka once a month.

The Seniors are loving the massage that we deliver to them and I will be delighted to be able to put some of my fellow therapists to work soon.

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Massage Therapy, is it really good for the body??

There is a great article in the LA Times that gives us a resounding YES!! Massage Therapy is good for a person!! http://www.latimes.com/health/la-he-massage-20120202,0,343517.story Please read it!!

Massage Therapy is so good for a body!

Massage therapy is so good for a body.

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Senior Massage Therapy is picking up momentum.

I am loving my Private Massage/Energy Practice and am certainly taking appointments for individuals to come get some Body Work done.

Senior Massage Therapy is another part of my business and it is starting to get really exciting.  Seniors LOVE MASSAGE and I am bringing it to them where they are.  I have a team of credentialed massage therapists, in addition to myself, ready to go to Senior Centers, Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and anywhere else Seniors congregate.  I even have a couple of Therapists that will make private resident house calls.

As long as we have a minimum of 1 hour of massage scheduled we can book the appointment. Call us today:  763-427-0212

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Fall is here! Take advantage of my FALL SPECIAL.

You can even buy gift certificates for all of my services at 20% off for Sept. Oct. and November.  The gift certificates won’t expire until the end of 2012.

Call for your appointment or your gift certificate today!!

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I love what I do!

I had the opportunity to speak at a TOPS gathering on Monday evening in Mound.  What a wonderful group of women were there.  I was so much fun to introduce Massage and Coaching by Litahni to this group.  Anytime I need to re-discover that I am doing EXACTLY what I am supposed to be doing I just need to have the chance to talk to a few people about it and I get so excited.

I love spending time with people who are choosing to improve their health, wealth or just their way of being in the moment.  Would any of you be interested in gathering on a fairly regular basis to do some personal development work?  I have the Home Study Course for Harmonic Wealth and the Science of Success or we could work with Byron Katie’s “Loving What Is” which I have on CD’s.

Please comment to this note if this interests you and I will get it set up.  Also indicate WHEN would work in your schedule to gather.

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I just finished creating a new HEADER for my website. Whatchathink?

Dragonflies!  I love them!  They mean “transformation” to me.  The dragonfly is in the water and then when it transforms into the dragonfly it leaves the water and flies in the air.  It only returns to the water when it is time to lay it’s eggs and start the cycle all over again.  There are also so many varieties of dragonflies, they come in all different sizes and colors.  Each one is an individual just like each of us has our own “shape and colors”.

When you schedule an appointment with me in my space in Spring Park you will enjoy an environment that is soothing and mellow with blues and greens of the dragonfly.  Give me a call to be sure I am in the office and then drop in and visit!  At this point I am working by appointment for coaching or massage and can schedule your appointment at your convenience.

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My treatment room at Keystone Chiropractic

1st look at Spring Park Studio

Here is my treatment room in Keystone Chiropractic in Spring Park, MN.  I am still going to do some decorations on the walls and adding a few finishing touches.  I am now taking appointments so give me a call or send me an email and let’s connect.

I am very excited to get my practice up and running.  I am in my last week of school and thought I would share some of my experiences with school.  After being an Energist and Massage Therapist for about 20 years it has been interesting to go back to school to get my certification as a Massage Therapist.  (Massage Therapist do not need to be certified in the state of MN to practice) I think the single most exciting thing about Massage Therapy School was that I discovered that absolutely EVERYTHING that I have done all these years, intuitively, was right on the money for being the correct procedures. I would recommend Anthem College in St. Louis Park to anyone who is thinking about going to school for massage, medical assistance, surgical tech., or xray tech.  It is a great place to learn.

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I am ready for you in Spring Park!

Massage and Coaching by Litahni is up and running in Spring Park by appointment.

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I’m beginning to think I will ACTUALLY get done with school!

I only have Tuesdy, Wednesday and Thursday left in classroom left.  Then 6 weels of Clinic to complete before I can take the final test to complete my training at Anthem College.  Whew, it has been an interesting year! 

I am beginning to market my own practice.  I will be at an Expo on Thursday evening this week.  In addition to doing Chair Energy/Massages and talking to people about the benefits of working with a Coach and of getting regular massages I will be selling some of my scarves and jackets.  So this weekend is SEWING weekend.  Come to the event on Thursday night! http://www.meetup.com/Events-to-celebrate-life-and-living/ 

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Spirit Spa & Swim was so much fun on Sunday!

We had 15 guests and 7 practitioners at the event.  We had practitioners who did massage, intuitive readings, facials, stone readings, personal sauna, etc.  I think everyone had a great time.  With a variety of finger foods and teas and coffee no one went hungry either.  I know a number of the ladies enjoyed the pool, hot tub and sauna.  I am planning another one for March.  Should I do it at the beginning of the month? or near the end of the month?  Would love your suggestions.

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Oh man is it COLD OUTSIDE!

I actually wore a coat to school today! 🙂   I usually wear a sweatshirt since I have a heated garage at home and covered parking at school but I wore a coat AND gloves this morning.  When it is more than -10 it’s time to bundle up a bit. 

I really have not minded winter all that much this year.  I LOVE where I live and I never have to shovel, warm up my car etc.  Makes a huge difference in my winter attitude.

I am really excited about Spirit, Spa & Swim that is scheduled for Sunday.  It will be fun to make new connections and reconnect with women I have not seen in awhile.

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I am so excited to finally have my blog up and running.

I am excited to start making regular posts in this blog and am looking forward to lively comments and discussion from all who read. 

I will be finished with my classes the 18th of March and my grand opening in Spring Park, MN for Massage by Litahni is on March 19th.  I will be offering far more than massage!  I am an Energy Worker, Massage Therapist and Certified Therapeutic© Coach.  I am dedicated to helping others to be all they can be. 

This is a picture of myself and my best friend Harley!

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