Massage with Energy work and Long Distance Energy Work

Come and spend some time in my inviting salon room and take a break from the day.  Spoil yourself for 30-90 minutes.  Listen to soothing music, let me run healing energy into your body and chase away all your tension and cares.  You will leave here feeling like a new person.

Or you can give me a call and we can work on the “issues in your tissues” as well as other things that may be keeping you from getting what you want in your life.  Energy has no boundaries.

Migun Thermal Bed

I also offer MIGUN THERMAL MASSAGE which produces heat and uses jade heads to massage and create pressure on the area near and around the spine.  These are the same pressure points that are used in acupuncture and acupressure.  This dual form of treatment is therapeutic, relaxing and affordable.

Therapeutic Coaching

Have you ever felt like there was something deep down inside you that was keeping you from getting what you want?  If you could just “reset” whatever has you so stuck, then you could reach that elusive something?

I specialize in assisting people in making those shifts and changes in their lives that make profound difference in the here and now.  Somtimes we visit a “long ago” that created a behavior that just does NOT work for you now.  It is all about what you know that you don’t know from then that you know will put you in the know now.  Sound confusing?  Let me help you unscramble it.


The Electro-Acuscope is a sensitive instrument that can calm the nervous system.  When we have pain it is a signal that something in the body is out of balance.  We need to pay attention to pain in our bodies and find out what is causing it.  With this instrument I can begin to calm the aggrivated nerves and settle the chaos so that your body can be more effective in healing itself.  Breaking the pain cycle in can be the breakthrough your body needs to repair itself.   Are you tired of hurting?