February 2013… Wow time is Zipping By!!

Two years ago I was a student at ANTHEM COLLEGE getting my hours for certification to be a massage therapist.  I have done intuitive massage for over 20 years, part time as I worked other “real jobs”.  When I got let go at the end of my temporary job in Jan. 2010 I decided to launch my practice, doing what I love, full time.  I love Coaching, Energy Work and Massage.  Well…. I discovered that in order to command the credibility I needed as a massage therapist I needed to go back to school.  So….. I did! 🙂

I finished Massage Therapy training in March 2011 and launched my practice by leasing a space in Keystone Chiropractic in Spring Park, MN.

Now almost 2 years later….. how is it going?? Check back here soon as I write more details of the journey to re-invent myself at 60 years young!!!!

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