I just finished creating a new HEADER for my website. Whatchathink?

Dragonflies!  I love them!  They mean “transformation” to me.  The dragonfly is in the water and then when it transforms into the dragonfly it leaves the water and flies in the air.  It only returns to the water when it is time to lay it’s eggs and start the cycle all over again.  There are also so many varieties of dragonflies, they come in all different sizes and colors.  Each one is an individual just like each of us has our own “shape and colors”.

When you schedule an appointment with me in my space in Spring Park you will enjoy an environment that is soothing and mellow with blues and greens of the dragonfly.  Give me a call to be sure I am in the office and then drop in and visit!  At this point I am working by appointment for coaching or massage and can schedule your appointment at your convenience.

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