My treatment room at Keystone Chiropractic

1st look at Spring Park Studio

Here is my treatment room in Keystone Chiropractic in Spring Park, MN.  I am still going to do some decorations on the walls and adding a few finishing touches.  I am now taking appointments so give me a call or send me an email and let’s connect.

I am very excited to get my practice up and running.  I am in my last week of school and thought I would share some of my experiences with school.  After being an Energist and Massage Therapist for about 20 years it has been interesting to go back to school to get my certification as a Massage Therapist.  (Massage Therapist do not need to be certified in the state of MN to practice) I think the single most exciting thing about Massage Therapy School was that I discovered that absolutely EVERYTHING that I have done all these years, intuitively, was right on the money for being the correct procedures. I would recommend Anthem College in St. Louis Park to anyone who is thinking about going to school for massage, medical assistance, surgical tech., or xray tech.  It is a great place to learn.

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