Working with this Energist = Positive Change

When we want to reach a goal or dream we need to work on all of our systems – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic.  Sometimes this involves working with your mind through 1 on 1 coaching; and sometimes it’s about the body and working things out with energy therapy.

My training and experiences over the last several years have brought me to the realization that I have gifts and skills that I can offer to you that far exceed what many therapists can offer.  As I expand my practice it will include a variety of cohesive services.

I am an energist, massage therapist, therapeutic coach, trainer and public speaker.  When I do massage I also run healing universal energy.  I can intuitively find issues in the tissues and often have an intuitive sense of what in your life is causing the dysfunction.  I work with the flow of Qi and the Meridians to assist you in body and energy balance.  I offer services and products that treat your body, mind and spirit.  I can work with you long distance if you are far away as energy is not limited by space and time and often coaching is done by phone, email and Skype.